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Press release |Rhenish potato queen extends the term in office

Press release |Rhenish potato queen extends the term in office

Rhenish potato queen extends the term in office

Potato queen Anna Müller: "I am proud of the Rhineland and its potato farmers and to be able to represent another year."

The press release as a PDF and Word document, the recipes and the image material can be found for download at the end of the email.


Berlin, 30.June 2020. Jedes Jahr Anfang Juni ist es normalerweise soweit: Dann wählt der Rheinische Landwirtschaftsverband die neue Rheinische Kartoffelkönigin.In an interview.

Your term was extended until June 2021.How come?

Anna Müller: Normalerweise wäre meine Amtszeit als Kartoffelkönigin AnfangJune 2020 vorbei gewesen.But due to the current Corona situation, the choice of the new potato queen had to be canceled this year.So I was asked whether I would like to represent the office in another year, which I would be happy to accept.My successor will then be elected in June 2021.

Has it ever happened that a Rheinische Königin Rhein was in office for two years in a row?

Anna Müller: At least it has not happened in the past ten years.The current situation is really exceptional and came completely unexpectedly.Nevertheless, I am happy about the chance to practice my office for another year and to continue to educate many different people about the positive properties and advantages of the potato.I just have a lot of fun and stand behind the potato - it tastes wonderful, is healthy and can be processed as diverse as hardly any other food.

What have you done for the second term?

Pressemitteilung | Rhenish potato queen extends the term in office

Anna Müller: The first year passed with events, events and school and kindergarten visits as in flight, because since March 2020 all other planned events have been out, I could not implement many projects that I had already prepared and were looking forward to.In my second term, I still have the opportunity to clarify the many positive properties of the potato and gain experience.I am proud of the Rhineland and its potato farmers and to be able to represent them for another year.

How is it going now?Are you also planning digital events?

Anna Müller: The Rheinische Agricultural Association is currently developing ideas to better achieve potato fans and other interested parties in a digital way.Of course, I will support the association in the best possible way.I personally use the social media to inform about the potato, the industry and the cultivation.I post regular updates on my Facebook profile.I also continue to interview interviews by phone or email.I recently also took part in a talk show, which was then also transferred to YouTube.So you can continue to experience me, although not currently at live events.

At 19.August 2020 is the day of the potato.Have you planned something special for this?

Anna Müller: For me, the day of the potato is primarily a culinary holiday, where I definitely get potatoes on the table - for example, I love to eat fried potatoes.I think they bring the fine taste of the tubers particularly well.

Anyone who has fancy potatoes now find a delicious recipe for fried potatoes here:

https: // www.the potato.de/search/recipes/fried potatoes

More information, great recipes and tips about the potato at: www.the potato.de

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