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The name "Kummer" will probably have associations with most German rap fans. In fact, behind the new interpreter is the solo project of Felix Kummer, better known as the frontman of Kraftklub. However, the new project is not really solo after all. LGoony, KeKe and Max Raabe supported the rapper with features on his debut album. The result is a total of twelve trappy-cool songs with drive, vision and eloquence, which were released on October 10th under the title "Kiox".

"It hurts again" doesn't just revolve around the pain in terms of lyrics. The reverberation of the guitar chords transforms the sung sting on a musical level.

"The devil wears Prada and every idiot wears Supreme," says How Much Is Your Outfit Worth. Not quite as far-sighted as the rest of the album, the song still contains socio-political consistency, even if the title already anticipates most of the content.

In “Schiff” Kummer brings two completely different themes onto one level. "So the water from the lower floors is then also in the first class," it says towards the end of the song and alludes to the humanitarian crisis that can only be overcome together. As a power club, Kummer has been campaigning for solidarity and against burgeoning nationalism for years. With the next few lines, the rapper leads back to the mainland, more precisely to Chemnitz. "I'm stuck on this ship in the middle of nowhere, please don't ask me why" is to be understood as an allusion to the musician's hometown, which still fascinates Kummer, but at the same time repels him due to right-wing tendencies.

Forces of varying strength pull into Kummer's "Kiox", but all twelve songs have one thing in common: steadfastness. (PP)