Streetwear: «1,500 francs for sneakers? No problem!"

700 francs for Yeezy sneakers, a Supreme sweater for 200 francs, 1000 francs for the Canada Goose jacket and a matching Omega watch: for many it is important to look good when they leave the house in the morning. But some go even further and deliberately draw attention to their expensive wardrobe.

The number of clicks for the format “How much is your outfit worth?” is shooting up on YouTube in particular. (How much is your outfit worth?) because also regularly through the ceiling. It is not uncommon for an outfit to cost several thousand francs.

"Often the money comes from the parents"

Zurich sneaker collector Aron Cash, who has been following the development for years, has been reselling sneakers and accessories since 2014. "I've noticed that people have been getting younger and younger in the last two years." People have become more willing to spend more money on clothes and shoes. He saw that 14-year-olds bought sneakers for 1,500 francs. "It's also very surreal for me when I compare it to my lifestyle," says Cash. Many would get the necessary change from their parents.

"And those who do an apprenticeship spend their last franc on the dream shoe." Younger people in particular would increasingly attach great importance to branded items and only wear designer items. Often because Hollywood celebrities and musicians would exemplify the lifestyle for them. Especially with the Supreme brand, the hype seems to never end - every collection is sold out in seconds, also because prices are raised with artificial rarities. "I don't know where this is going." That's another reason why he only collects the shoes for himself and no longer sells them.

“Parents have to be consistent”

Daniel Betschart, program manager for debt prevention and consumption at Pro Juventute, also finds it borderline that young people spend so much money on clothing. "Depending on the environment in which you move, there is great peer pressure to dress in a certain way." Anyone who doesn't do that is quickly seen as uncool. Celebrities and musicians have always served as fashion role models for young people. "But in the days of Instagram and Co., it has become much easier to emulate them."

That's why it's important to practice how to handle money early on. "We recommend parents to provide their young people with their own budget, which clearly states how much money is planned for clothes." If the young person spends all the money, the parents would have to remain consistent and not inject any more money. That means: the offspring has to wait for the next purchase or then just work. "Anyway, parents don't have to buy everything for children and young people!"

Photographing sneakers is the focus of Aron Cash's Instagram account.