Whirl around cut-out dress at wedding: Kendall Jenner justifies himself

Kendall Jenner turned heads at her BFF Lauren Perez's wedding in a daring cut-out dress. Bad tongues even claimed that she stole the show from the bride. Now the model is defending itself against the criticism!

And the bride also comments on Kendall's dress.

Did Kendall Jenner steal the show from the bride?

Anyone invited to a wedding knows that there are a few rules to be observed when it comes to the dress code. So it is well known that none of the female guests should wear a white dress - because on this day only the wedding dress should shine in white. It is also important to avoid bright colors such as red, as bright colors could draw attention away from the bride. So you usually choose outfits that don't exactly scream "I need attention urgently"!

Wirbel um Cut-Out-Kleid bei Hochzeit: Kendall Jenner rechtfertigt sich

It is questionable whether Kendall Jenner thought of these rules when choosing her outfit. She showed up at her good friend Lauren Perez's wedding in a hot cut-out dress. After the pictures became public through all social media channels, the 26-year-old got a huge shitstorm.

Shitstorm because of cut-out dress

The model had a deep look at a friend's wedding in November 2021. And that didn't go down well everywhere. Fans found the look inappropriate and lacking in style. Followers therefore discussed their wedding outfit on all online platforms.

Among the wedding photos, many users on Insta commented their opinions: "Kendall, the day belongs to the bride - not the bridesmaid. Your dress is absolutely mismatched!” wrote one follower. It seems the dress sparked a real debate. But the question that many asked themselves: What did the bride actually say about her friend's look?

Bride defends Kendall

At the turn of the year, the bride Lauren shared photos of the special day again and also commented on Kendall's alleged faux pas. Under one of the many negative comments under the post, the bride captioned, "She looked stunning and I loved it!" Accordingly, this should probably have had no problem with Kendall's hot dress.

And Kendall himself then joined the discussion. "Of course I asked your permission beforehand," she replied to Lauren's announcement. Meanwhile, Lauren Perez has disabled the comment function under her picture, as she probably wants to avoid further unnecessary and offensive feedback from social media users. After that heated debate about her wedding day, you can't blame her either.