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The United States.In 1962, the operators of the then Seattle Center Coliseum christened the multi -purpose hall to "Key Arena" - what the regional keybank (then still Keycorp) 750.$ $ $ 15 for 15 years.In June 2020, the Seattle-Halle caused a sensation again: Amazon took over the rights of naming, but wanted to draw attention to climate change instead of itself-instead of itself.As an allegedly the first climate -neutral arena, it should now be called Climate Pledge (= climate promise) arena, as the NHL announced.

Today it particularly affects the North American basketball players and ice hockey cracks, whose venues are repeatedly baptized by companies.The NBA and NHL can be seen in the Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia), Staples Center (Los Angeles) or Air Canada Center (Toronto).Remarkable: When the naming rights on today's TD Garden in Boston (named after a regional bank) were unclear for one year, they were auctioned on eBay for 30 days each - whereby a total of over 150.000 dollars were achieved.There are also venues in the United States that have their traditional names, such as the Madison Square Garden in New York or the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

In Germany, the ball rolls almost only in sponsored arenas

There are also some time -honored names in Europe such as that of the Wembley Stadium (London) or the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu (Madrid).Sometimes, however, even big clubs can be attracted from money.According to Spiegel, FC Barcelona announced in April 2020 that he wants to search for a stadium sponsor.The name Camp Nou should be included in the new name.

But many small ones also benefit from the commitment of the companies.Local clubs can get advice on sponsorship searches, for example, by companies such as the financial service provider Swiss Life Select.Or you can address regional companies yourself such as the Landesligist Sportfreunde Schwäbisch Hall - it is now playing in the Optima Sportpark.The representatives of the Bundesliga are of course even more attractive.In the current season 2020/21, only three clubs in arenas without sponsorship names: Hertha BSC (Olympiastadion), Union Berlin (Alte Försterei) and the foals from Mönchengladbach (Borussia-Park).

Stuttgart dashed, Hamburg took a step back

The first Bundesliga club that could be sponsored to the stadium names in Germany was VfB Stuttgart.As early as 1993, the Swabians received the equivalent of more than five million euros from the local car manufacturer, so that the Neckarstadion was now called Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion.After the renovation in 2008 there was another 30 million euros, since then the VfB home home is called Mercedes-Benz-Arena.The contract applies until 2038.

But it is also the case: from 2015 Klaus-Michael Kühne, majority shareholder of the freight forwarder Kühne + Nagel, the Hamburger SV according to Handelsblatt four million euros per season, so that the red pants after three namesake (AOL, HSH Nordbank, Imtech) play again in the Volksparkstadioncould.The commitment ended with the 2019/20 season.