Talg: Unter- und Überproduktion und was dagegen hilft

Talg protects our skin surface from drying out, but what to do if there is a sub- or overproduction?We give you helpful tips.Vonkristina Läg15.04.2021, 2:45 p.m.

What is sebum?

That is why sebum is so important for our skin surface

Too much sebum: Seborrhoe

An increased seborrhea is called increased seborrhea.It shows itself in a strongly shiny facial skin and/or fast fatty hair.On the face, a seborrhea is the result of clogged pores that favor impure skin.Even in puberty, the typical change of sex hormones in the body ensures excessive sebum production.In this case, pimples and acne are not uncommon.Even after stopping the contraceptive at any age, the hormone change can ensure a late bar.

If you find an increased sebum production, you should take a close look at your skin care products and routine.If the following points apply to your skin, you suffer from greasy skin and overproduction of sebum:

  1. Wenige Stunden nach der Gesichtsreinigung beginnt die Hautoberfläche zu fetten
  2. Am Nachmittag ist ein deutlicher Film auf der Haut sichtbar
  3. Die fettigen Hautpartien zeigen Mitesser und Pickel
  4. Erweiterte Poren sind sichtbar

These products worsen the condition of greasy skin:

The best skin care routine on greasy skin

A greasy skin needs a gentle and light routine in which the skin is deeply cleaned and freed from dead skin cells.We recommend a step-by-step routine with these suitable products.

  1. Gesichtsreiningung
  2. Gesichtswasser
  3. Peeling
  4. Tagesfeuchtigkeitscreme mit LSF
  5. Feuchtigkeitsspendende Nachtcreme

With excessive sebum production of the scalp, the regular use of rye flour shampoo can help very well.

Too little sebum: Sebostasis

A lack of sebostasis, sebostasis, can also have devastating consequences for the facial skin and scalp.This is how it dries out after a short time and begins to reduce as soon as it comes into contact with UV radiation.Dry areas and cracks are also not uncommon.Seniors often suffer from sebostasis because the skin produces less fat.Fasting creams and ointments such as the dashing intensive ointment from Noreiz for Ca.9 euros can be remedied quickly and repair the skin surface.A dry scalp and scales can be maintained with natural oils.Simply massage olive oil or coconut oil into the scalp.A hair washing the next day removes the fatty acids.

Used sources: Ducray.de, allergy.Defounding for oily skin: This is by far the best! You have greasy skin and are looking for a foundation that fits your oily skin type?This make-up is by far the best.Continue reading