Recipes, costumes, make-up : Halloween: With these simple tips your party will be really spooky

You want to throw a Halloween party or one yourself, but you still need something spooky? A few ideas.

by Marle Liebelt24. October 2017 at 11:21 p.m

On Halloween, you and your undead friends put beauty standards aside for an evening and slip into spooky roles. Not every Halloween party prescribes a costume requirement - but the disguised guests make the attraction of a Halloween party really. Here you can see how you can conjure up a costume and make-up with the help of a few simple tricks, and which recipes and decoration ideas you can use to make your party really "terrible".

Disgusting recipes

Every good Halloween party also includes appropriate food. “Appropriate” here means that drinks and food should look as disgusting as possible.

The guests with a brain cake should be particularly disgusted. In addition to the usual ingredients for a cake, you need some red food coloring. In order to make the cake look like a brain later, you should also get raw marzipan or fondant.Ingredients for a brain cake

For the dough:

Bake the dough at 160 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes

For the sugar syrup:

For the brain convolutions:

Or how about spooky witch fingers?Ingredients for 30 witch fingers

For the less hardened guests there is less gross that still fits the theme. Everyone should be able to eat pumpkin cheesecake.

In order to be able to offer suitable drinks, you need simple ingredients such as juices, colored syrup and high-proof spirits such as vodka or gin. But even without alcohol, “terrible” cocktails can be mixed.

If the “Bloody Mary” is too harmless for you, give your cocktails disgusting names. So the eggnog will certainly get a completely different taste if you name it "pus". Human innards generally provide good inspiration for their naming choices: Glad they got their brain cake down and their guests have it coming up with drinks with names like "bile water" or "stomach acid." Here are a few suggestions: pus buckets


Put the crushed ice in the glass, pour in the rum and milk, add the scoop of vanilla ice cream and pour about a teaspoon of grenadine syrup over it. Float the peeled lychee in the glass as a garnish.Vampire drink

Pour the vodka over the ice cubes, top up with cranberry juice and pour about a teaspoon of syrup over them. Garnish the edge of the glass with the Haribo vampire. Schnotter

Add the rum and cream to the crushed ice in the glass, sprinkle over the fizzy powder, stir and pour about a teaspoon of woodruff syrup over it.

Normally no guest is happy about eyes in a cocktail. They don't care on Halloween. Just peel and scoop out some radishes and stick in halved black olives. The Glubsch eye is ready. A tip: be a little careless when peeling, leaving a few "bloody" residues on your eye.

Rezepte, Kostüme, Make-Up : Halloween: Mit diesen einfachen Tipps wird ihre Party so richtig gruselig

Chocolate kisses are good as small snacks for in between and at the same time as decoration. In many shops you can buy small stick-on eyes, with which you can easily decorate the chocolate kisses. Alternatively, you can paint the eyes with melted chocolate.

The costume

Whether you're throwing your own Halloween party or just going to one, your costume matters most. Now, not everyone has the best makeup skills. So here are a few suggestions:

The smiley is easy to make up, requires little material, is quick and just plain creepy.

The Joker is rightly one of the most popular masks. The good thing: You only need make-up. However, they need a knack for make-up

In addition to the right mask, the right costume counts. If you have a bit of money in hand, you can buy a costume in many shops around Halloween or order something suitable on the Internet.

However, if you don't want to buy an extra outfit, you can also reach into your old clothes box and conjure something up. There are also many simple household items that can help.

You can create a very good scary effect with the help of gauze bandages and some eye shadow. Simply cover your head with gauze bandages and leave the eye area exposed. You can make them up with dark and/or red eyeshadow, for example.

An old white shirt can also prove to be a real eye-catcher. With sandpaper you can get a worn effect on any clothing. A bit of dye with water can create dirt, blood, or other desired effects:

If you have an old wig and tights at home, you can quickly transform yourself into the actress from "The Grudge".

If you're really lazy or late, just grab the old bed sheet and play the castle ghost.


Classically, the pumpkin should not be missing at a Halloween party. Either you have a few helping hands or you take some time in advance to hollow out a few pumpkins in different sizes and give them creepy faces.

Candles create a spooky atmosphere, especially on Halloween. Buy a few white standing candles and smaller red ones. Melt the wax from the red candles and drip it over the white candles, making it look like you poured blood on the candles.

The ideal wall decoration can be produced with cardboard. Black bats, spiders, pumpkins, ghosts. If you coat the cardboard with cooking oil, it becomes transparent. So it is well suited for making lanterns or decorating lamps.

With the help of yarn, spider webs can be excellently distributed in the apartment.

Small ornamental gourds are well suited as tea light holders. Simply cut a tea light sized hole in the top of the gourd.

White, black and orange balloons can be painted in a spooky way with a permanent marker.

Here you can see where Halloween parties are held in Schleswig-Holstein.

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