New vaccine: let yourself be pissed and get Lottolos for free

Maybe she makes her corona piks hard-that would be something, right?It's not that likely, but at least you should try it, according to the motto: "Who doesn't dare who doesn't win".All you have to do is to protect yourself with vaccination against Corona.And Lotto24 AG is already giving them a free Lottolos.

There is now a Lottolos for the PICS against Corona

Many companies try to support the Federal Government's vaccination campaign.There are great ideas.For example, Deutsche Bahn has announced that the Berlin Ringbahn will now be vaccinated against Corona.So you can combine work and vaccination equally well.Lotto24 AG now offers another really worth mentioning vaccination stimulus, as from a press release on the press emphasis.

Lotto gives away 2 million lotteryless people to people who have been vaccinated against Corona.And what can be sized as a profit in participating in the Freedom Social Cottery is remarkable: the main prize is 1 million euros.250.The winner receives 000 euros immediately, after that there is 5 every month.000 euros, for 15 years.

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Neuer Impfanreiz: Sich piksen lassen und Lottolos gratis bekommen

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The campaign is called "#Gutpftenginten".Lotto wants to achieve the undecided in particular and hopes that they will hold the arm for the incentive presented.Because "we all want the same thing in Germany: a winter without restrictions and a safe everyday life with friends and family," explains the campaign manager at Lotto24, Marianna Herno.

And who can take part, how, where?

The great thing is that not only people can take part in this campaign who can now be vaccinated or soon, but everyone who has already rolled up their sleeves.This is a just action.Because you have certainly heard of vaccinated people several times: "Oh, if I had waited with the vaccination, then I could have dusted a bratwurst or similar" ".Now everyone who has already said about the Corona piks are finally rewarded.

Incidentally, the campaign has already started.Since the 25th.August it runs, but it takes until 30.September on.Under you can participate if you are at least 18 years old and live in Germany.Only one lot can be used per person, participants must be at least once up to 30.Leave September against Corona.Because if you win, you have to prove that you have a vaccination certificate.

Anyone who says that they cannot be vaccinated because the chances of winning are too small should be taken through the head again.On the one hand, they "win" protection against severe covid disease, on the other hand, their chances of winning are higher in this lottery game than with Lotto 6aus49.Because in the game as part of "#Geflpftenltert" you need 7 correct ones from 35.This increases the chance of winning 21 times.

Participation is worth it: a lot - three advantages

And the competition is not only good for participants.With the lot, 50 cents each donate to educational projects, for example to SOS children's villages worldwide.Participation is worth it three times: protection against Corona, prospect of a lot of money and help for others.Well, if that's not a brilliant offer.And if you have participated and want to know whether you won: Every Monday at 6 p.m. there is a draw of winning numbers.


And if you want to know how exactly the special campaign mentioned in Berlin works, in which the ring railway is vaccinated against Corona, read this here.

While some hold their arm for the first time, others are already much further: Berlin Charité vaccinates employees against Corona for the third time.