Fashion blogger - Basel influencer Sandy Pinto: From the lecture hall to the Spanish “Vogue”

In Spain it is recognized by fans on the street, here she is smiled at: Baseler Sandra Rodrigues Pinto is one of the most successful fashion bloggers in Switzerland.Mélanie Honeggerparktente parts 9 pictures9 pictures

Sandra Rodrigues in the “Flore” in the small basel.Due to its French look, the café is a popular photo subject with influencers.Sandra Rodrigues Pinto, influencer from Basel.

ZVG/Chantal Convertini

She is a professional.At the age of 26, Sandra Rodrigues Pinto, for friends and acquaintances simply “Sandy”, already belongs to the older guard of the Instagram world.The Portuguese will soon rank 200,000 followers in the top ten of the Swiss fashion bloggers.In Basel, her hometown, she is still not a celebrity.She sits in the café Flore in the small basel, in the long, bright green dress.For a coffee at nine o'clock it is unusually strongly made up;The bronze make -up shimmers on her cheekbone.It is extremely polite and courteous and she takes the time: she tells for two hours without looking at the cell phone.

At first glance, Sandy Pinto lives the dream of many women.She travels around the world, looks good and is successful.A few years ago she lived a life like many women in Basel: After the Spanish gruel at the Muttenz high school, she studied at the University of Basel Business, hoping to foothold at some point in fashion business."Honestly: I didn't know what to study," she says with disarming sincerity.In 2016 she completed the Bachelor.She was never really happy during your studies."It was too theoretical for me," she says today.«Nevertheless, I would choose this path again today.»

Two photos are needed every day

The woman knows how she has to argue.She talks quickly, but always with the necessary pinch caution."Tarmed, well thought out and consistent" she is, says Asmen Koc, who worked with pinto in the early days.With him as a photographer, she founded the blog “Entredois” in 2013, on which she presents her favorite outfits.After the Bachelor she completes an internship at Estée Lauder in Zurich, later she receives a permanent position from Bucherer in Lucerne, where she works in the digital marketing team.Your Instagram profile is picking up at the same time.Soon it will go so well that Pinto gives up her permanent job and focuses fully on your own projects.Also interesting

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In the meantime, the young Basel woman has her own fashion label, works as a social media freelancer for the Manor and is the head of a social media agency that she founded with a friend.She is just six weeks at a time in Basel."There is very rare," she explains.Then it continues to Cannes, Bordeaux, Mallorca. Vor kurzem war sie für ein Wochenende in Arizona, wo sie für H&M vor der Kamera stand.That a woman with 1.60 meters of body size for a moderate is shown for them for a revolution within the fashion world."I'm definitely not a model!".A modesty that only seems to be a limited extent authentic.Finally, Pinto, like other models, is paid for wearing clothes and accessories from their customers.

Pinto works around the clock: it stands up at 7 a.m. every day and answers your emails.Most of the time she sits on the laptop, edits pictures, leads the bookkeeping, takes care of the bills.Every day she posts two photos on Instagram.Also on weekends, also during the holidays, 365 days a year.This is how the algorithm wants it.She brings her own photographer to talk to the “Switzerland at the weekend”."She knows my visual language," she says then.

Sandra Rodrigues Pinto is a businesswoman who dominates her craft.This also pays off financially: with her work as an influencer, social media freelancer and her fashion label, she earns a five-digit amount every month.Sure, she also has a private life.But with her boyfriend, who lives in Spain, she has been running a long -distance relationship for five years.It's an up and down.The two see each other once a month.«I just don't have more time at the moment.»

Model label for feminism

The work determines Pinto's life.But the transience of her profession is worried about her.«I have great respect for this industry.After all, I never know if my account is still in demand tomorrow.»The pressure to have to deliver constant is immense.She has been fighting with the dark side of her job for years.«There were phases in which the job made me almost sick.I had to learn to be offline too.»

She receives a hundred messages from her followers every day.She rarely reads this.«I would like to answer all the messages, but unfortunately the time is not enough for me.I used to answer everyone, but that stressed myself too much.»

Pinto has a lot to do anyway.Two years ago she launched her fashion label Lamarel and thus fulfilled a childhood wish.She produces all clothing in Portugal, each textile controls them on its production conditions, all involved - from the tailor to the head of the production facility - are women."Feminism is very important to me," says Pinto then.

"Instagram is an idealized world"

What does she imagine?«Be independent as a woman, whether at work or in everyday life.“The blogger says that seriously, with a real passion.Nevertheless, there is a contradiction.How can a woman who retouched her pictures every day and encouraged young girls to be beautiful?"I am aware of my responsibility," says Pinto then.But afterwards she also explains: «Instagram is an idealized world.People want to be inspired, not the suffering, see the negative.»

The concept of the Basel woman goes up.With her fashion label she has already made it into the Spanish “Vogue”.In Spain, pinto is recognized on the street.In the meantime, she has more fans from the outdoor than from domestic.This is also due to the one -sided image of influencers that prevails in Switzerland.

Pinto is annoyed: «Here people think of influencers of sixteen -year -olds who buy their followers.»What work is behind the professional operation of an Instagram profile is often hidden.“Older” bloggers like themselves are rarely the focus of reporting.You have bought a followers "never", Pinto asserts: "Every person can now check that.This data can all be tracked.»

Pinto tells all of this with a looseness that is surprising.It is quickly forgotten that everything here is part of a total work of art: the warmth, openness, the reflection.The limit between impressive presence and clever self -staging is difficult to make out.Until the end, the smile sticks to Sandy's lips, no matter how critical the questions are.And the skillful influencer knows exactly: you just have to like her for that.