Top must-have accessories 2022: chains and lots of bling-bling

With chic accessories, every simple outfit can be spiced up.It usually doesn't need much for that.With beautiful pockets as an eye -catcher, a striking belt or a large hair clip you can't go wrong this year.We took a closer look at the accessory trends of the new year!

InhaltBags with chain straps attract looks Large hair clips, large statement Waist belt for the beautiful curves The trend accessories 2022 - our conclusion

Bags with chain straps attract looks

Regardless of whether you are on your way to the office or are preparing for a weekend excursion, a bag must always be there.With a simple outfit, the practical companion can also be a bit more extravagant and become an eye -catcher of the ensemble.

Which bags are now in trend?At the moment, many fashionistas are relying on bags with chain straps in silver or gold.The sparkling shoulder bags make even jeans and t-shirt a cool style, at the same time they look young and fresh.

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If you want to have the look particularly subtle, the Liebeskind brand offers some bags with very thin chain members.The brand is represented in the WE Love Bags online shop and is offered there alongside other top brands.With the sales, buyers can also save up to 60 %.Complete your look with this love child bag.

Top Must-have Accessoires 2022: Ketten und viel Bling-Bling

An alternative to the chain straps are also fabric straps for exchanging that are printed with the logo of the brand.What kind of bags are there?Curved bags in particular are in this season.The round pockets are noticeable through their unusual shape and especially match evening looks.

Large hair clips, large statement

Hair clips were for a long time than got out of fashion.But trends come and go, and again and again we can look forward to retro look that are totally in again.This year also includes large hair clips this year.What was the last scream in the 1980s can be back in your hair today.Large clips with a low braid look particularly beautiful, which can look a bit uncomfortable.

With the colors of the hair clips, glittering tones can also be used: gold, silver, bronze and co.Are the top election here too.Even glittering rhinestones or pearls may be.With these hair accessories, your hairstyle starts to shine.Whether it is set on bright colors or subtle accents depends on your own taste.

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Waist belt for the beautiful curves

This year high waist belts are the last scream again.They ensure that even oversize overtakes highlight the beautiful curves, but can also create a pretty eye-catcher with tight clothes.Chain members are also welcome on this trend.Therefore, thin chain belts on the waist can provide the bling-bling effect.

However, wide belts can also be worn that nestle closely on the figure.They look particularly beautiful over an adjacent knitting dress, but in principle there are only a few outfits that cannot be spiced up with this accessory.

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The trend accessories 2022 - our conclusion

The must-have accessories 2022 are allowed to sparkle and glitter.The chain look is particularly popular, which appears in both pocket straps and waist belts.They spice up every outfit and provide the extra portion of style.Hair clips are fashionable again.Here you can let off steam creatively: From colorful, extravagant hair accessories to fine gold clips, everything is allowed.You can find the appropriate shoe trends 2022 in this article.In advance: flat shoes are particularly in, the tired feet can recover this year.

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