These colors love men to women

Okay, it is not surprising that men find red in women particularly sexy.This was the result of a study by the University of Rochester in New York.And red not only makes women sexy, the gentlemen of creation should also use red clothing more often, because the study also showed that men with red shirts were classified as particularly strong, attractive and sexually attractive.This was not the case with men with different colors.Also surprising: the color red makes men even more spenda!The men preferred women in red clothing to a date in a noble restaurant - in contrast to a woman in blue clothes, the generosity increased by double.The best proof that the color of love stands for fire and energy like no other.So we should often show courage to color.

Black is also particularly attractive

And then there is the color black, which is also very popular with the men!Black always looks noble, style -conscious and fits everything.Because of mourning!

Diese Farben lieben Männer an Frauen

And for everyone who is still unsure, we have the right test here: What colors do I have?

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