Steffi Brungs in the wedding dress: Did the moderator say yes?

The fans of Barbara Schöneberger, 47, can always rely on one thing: the moderator's looks are never guaranteed to be boring and always an eye -catcher.So also the clothes in one of its youngest Instagram posts.The latest fashion coup of the blonde?It shows itself in the glittering body, black mesh tights and dark eye make-up.In addition, Barbara Schöneberger's self -ironic caption: "The Beyoncé from the Schkeuditzer Kreuz wishes a nice weekend."

But of course nothing can be seen from a coarse appearance à la motorway cross in Saxony.The sensual look that was created as part of a shooting of the Frauenmagazin Barbara is impressive and definitely keep up with the iconic body looks from Beyoncé!Also their followers: "Beyoncé can pack up on the inside".

Rihanna stages her baby bump

Slowly you get an impression of how Rihannas, 33, pregnancy style will look.Anyone who believed that the singer would rely on cozy maternity fashion - of course - was wrong.The "Bad Girl" remains loyal to his sexy style even with a growing tummy.

After the revealing baby outing, in which she can be seen walking through New York in photos with a bare belly, she was now in front of the camera for a photographer who staged her in an underground car park.In the photos, Rihanna wears a top that actually only consists of cut-outs, above it a black bomber jacket and a deep sitting hip pants.The top, which is only held together by small cords, seems to be particularly emphasized by the singer's baby bump.

Steffi Brungs im Hochzeitskleid: Hat die Moderatorin etwa Ja gesagt?

We are already looking forward to further outfits of pregnant Rihanna!

8th. Februar 2022

Sonya Kraus wears long bob-fans are shared opinion

Long, curved eyelashes, red lips and a platinum blonde walleme: the signature look of moderator and actress Sonya Kraus, 48th, has hardly changed in recent years.The former "Talk, Talk, Talk" presenter has just remained loyal-until now.Because for her new role of rector Ms. Meyer-Stäblein in the Joyn series "The boarding school" she dares to do a new cut and shows herself on Instagram with a stylish bob including page pony.The 48th-year-old writes: "Do you like Mrs. Meyer-Stäblein New Look? I think yes: Who is the woman? I don't know! Crazy, what a couple of rooms can do" ".

Your community reacts to Sonya's question with a shared opinion.Some fans express compliments for the new hairstyle, write: "But now the rector can no longer play, now you can only play one student --- Madness, were you in a time machine ?? You look like 20 !!".Others seem less enthusiastic.A fan writes, for example: "Honestly? Looks great.But the previous look...much more beautiful."You continue to read:" This hairstyle actually makes you older somehow ".A user sees it diplomatic, writes: "You can just wear everything."

7. Februar 2022

Stefanie Giesinger shows himself in the revealing look

Stefanie Giesinger, 25, is known for her stylish and daring fashion taste.Now she surprises in a special look that causes a lot of attention online.She wears cargo pants on her hip, which leaves her tanga provocative.The style is reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s, in which the pants sat so deep on the hip, the underwear was pulled far up so that it was clearly visible.Today this combination is popular again, so Steffi hits the current zeitgeist with her look.

But not everyone says styling.In her Instagram story, the 25-year-old reacts to a hater who thinks her look is too provocative.However, she sees the problem with the commentator herself.She writes: "If you feel provoked by two strips, this is your problem, not mine."

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