Premium-textile combination in the long-term test-Stadler module Active Test

With the superior active jacket and the rise active pants, Stadler promises maximum comfort and flexibility.But how well the station wagon does over a season?We reveal all the advantages and disadvantages.

So much in advance: the test of clothing is something very subjective.Not only is the body dimensions, feeling of wearing, or temperature sensation from person to person, but also by expensive or cheap you often do not understand the same thing.The Stadler module Active textile combination is undoubtedly to be located in the premium segment, whether you are finally ready to put a little more on the counter, everyone has to decide for themselves.With its very subjective impressions, this 10,000 km experience test should help with the decision.

Die Features im Überblick - Stadler Superior Active Textil-Jacke & Rise Active Hose im Test

What kind of textile combination should the Active module be?According to Stadler, this is a combination of laminate and summer module.This means that the jacket and pants are more for warm seasons, in addition the waterproof laminate jacket and pants can be attracted.I explain a little later how well this works in different weather conditions.

I have described further features and the equipment of the combination a good year ago when the station wagon was completely new to the editorial team with just a few hundred kilometers.After a very driving -active season and with a little more off kilometers, I was able to collect a lot of new impressions and I want to concentrate on this in this test report.For example on my experience regarding the carrying of the carrying.Before that, however, the fit must be discussed.

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Suitable for everyone?- Sizes and fit of the Stadler module Active textile combination

This is the point in this point.They are not only available in the standard sizes for men and women (men: 4862, women: 3646), but also for sensitive types like me in elongated sizes (men: 98118, women: 7688) and even for compact bikers: inside:In short sizes (men: 2531, women: 1924).At the latest here the offer of most manufacturers ends, if the right thing is not or not available, then you have just been unlucky.However, Stadler also offers not storage sizes as a specialization.So I dare to say that the Active Kombi module is suitable for everyone and everyone.Even those of you who may have particularly long legs or arms, so that two different sizes actually need upper body and lower body, are not excluded here.Jacket and pants are still compatible with each other in different clothing sizes.

Comfort - Stadler module Active textile combination

The Stadler module Active Kombi accompanied me over the streets of 8 countries. If it were uncomfortable, I would never have taken her with me so often. It is a bit stiffer than most textile combinations. The reason for this is mainly the level 2 protectors and the tight seat. This is necessary to prevent the protectors from turning away when the first impact. You can only ensure protection if you are doing well. However, I do not see the rigidity as a real disadvantage. On the contrary, somehow it even feels good. The combination feels robust, surely. The fabric makes a resistant impression, the hard protectors adapt to the body shape and awaken the feeling of putting in armor. This gives self -confidence and trust. You won't be wearing the Active Kombi module anyway in movement-insective situations such as on motocross track or race tracks and you are not restricted in normal driving on the road. The protectors, although adaptable to the body, need longer to get in shape due to their hardness. This is particularly noticeable after traveling with the station wagon in the suitcase. The deformed protectors then press for a while until they have adapted again.

Otherwise there is not much to say about the weather independent of the weather.The net inside food feels good, the wide adjustment options on the arms, legs and the hips specify the seat of the station wagon and nowhere rubbish or pinches it.We come to the weather -dependent comfort now.

Performance in different weather conditions

Superior Active jacket and rise active pants are more made for warm seasons.Thanks to the gigantic and all -sided ventilation slots including air ducts, the wind pulls through pleasantly even over strong heat.If you get into a light summer shower, the full body condom does not have to be unpacked, the water -repellent jacket can withstand some moisture.However, if it gets colder and/or moisture, that is no longer enough.Then the hour of the magnificent laminate jacket and pants came.Why am I so enthusiastic about it?

The GORE-TEX 3-layer laminate is characterized by a low water absorption when rain, very fast drying and high breathability. If the summer shower becomes a real summer thunderstorm you can quickly get gossip in conventional rain covers. Not because they do not keep tight, but because you start sweating under the plastic skin. And the worst feeling is when you might have to slip into the rain robe a little later and still stick the grinding moisture on the inside. I never had such a situation with the two -part cover of Stadler. Thanks to the long zip along the trouser legs and two -part structure, the start is very easy and relaxed. In the saddle, the highlight is above all the breath with absolute water and windproofness. Even after long passages in the shallow rain, everything stays dry inside. On top of that, the wearing comfort is so high that during the season I often simply wore the laminate part of the station wagon myself in colder temperatures as wind protection or as a supplement to other motorcycle combinations. Jacket and pants can be rolled up tightly, fit easily into a small tank bag and, if necessary, can easily be attracted to almost every piece of clothing. The following applies to me: Never a tour without a Stadler laminate again!

As already mentioned above, the laminate part can be worn both under and over the summer jacket and pants.In my opinion, the first combination makes little sense.Perhaps to carry the laminate as wind protection underneath and still simply get to your pockets, but on the other hand, jacket, pants and the objects can get wet or dirty again.I only use the second stretcher variant and actually got through the whole season.Only with a T-shirt and jacket + pants I endured it up to approx. 15 degrees, then the laminate was added as a windbreaker.So I was on the road and spring, from 5 and 10 ° C the station wagon was supplemented by a thin sweater.Stadler also offers a suitable thermo inner food here.

Everyday suitability - Stadler module Active textile combination test 2021

Everyday suitability is always a difficult term in relation to full-body textile combination.Even if it would be reasonable from the point of view of security, only a few people are attracting the full gear for short everyday trips on hot summer days.This does not change with the Active Kombi module, but it is as suitable for everyday use as a full textile combination can be.The size and number of pockets here are big plus.Gopros, sound recording device, batteries, smartphone, notepad - on 1000PS productions you are usually heavily packed, so I particularly learn to appreciate the two large, removable side pockets on my hips where you always have the most important things.

Shelf life at the end of the season

However, the crisp cost of the Stadler goods is not only expected to be comfort and practicality, but also the durability must be right.My station wagon doesn't really know any traces of wear after a year and about 10,000 kilometers.There is nothing fraying, the seams are still tight as on the first day and there are no scary points anywhere.Thanks to the antibacterial network feed, she doesn't even stink and without washing it without it (I probably shouldn't mention ...).Except for a few fly residues, you might think that the station wagon was never worn.

Preis & Preisvergleich der Stadler Modul Active Textilkombi

Let's get to the next subjective topic: the price. Everyone has to decide for themselves how much you are ready for a textile combination. A price comparison with a similar textile combination of other manufacturers, but at least the Stadler Kombi lets us classify something. According to the current status (November 30, 2021), the Stadler Superior Active Jacket costs between 855-999 euros and the rise Active pants 829 euros. The Carese Evo Touring Jacket by Held, for example, would be comparable here. Like the jacket from Stadler, the Carese Evo Gore-Tex technology uses large ventilation slots, numerous bags and under- or overdraftable 3-layer laminate rain protection. With € 799.95, the hero jacket costs 150-200 euros less than the Stadler jacket, has no back protector or crash zones reinforced with ceraspace. Similarly, but it is a little cheaper, for example, the Tour Adventure GTX jacket from IXS. For 700 euros you can also get a gore-tex textile jacket with a separate, waterproof membrane jacket with this, but this is only portable inside under the textile jacket. In addition, the ventilation slots are significantly smaller, but, like the Stadler jacket, it has an integrated level 2 back protector.

Auf die Anzahl der Taschen oder die Größe der Belüftungszipps kommt es aber nicht jedem an, deshalb ist so ein direkter Vergleich schlussendlich auch nicht mehr als eine Orientierungshilfe. Ausstattung, Passkomfort & Tragegefühl müssen für jeden passen, die Anforderungen in diesen Punkten unterscheiden sich jedoch von Person zu Person. Für die Stadler Modul Active Kombi spricht neben den schon genannten Features auch noch die beachtliche Verarbeitungsgarantiedauer von 10 Jahren. Das zeigt das Vertrauen von Stadler in die eigene Verarbeitungsqualität.


Conclusion-high-end-city textile combination for the average driver?

I repeat myself, but the answer to the question depends on many subjective factors. Especially when it comes to the price question and in comparison with the competition, everyone has to decide how much money is worth a certain feature. In my opinion, the biggest arguments for the Stadler module Active Kombi are the high quality of processing, the brilliant laminate jacket and the feeling of security thanks to the fixed protectors. Does the Stadler module Active textile combination also make sense for the normal motorcyclist? If the seat of the station wagon fits, you will have a loyal, versatile companion on the big and small tours of the next few years. Yes, it costs a good chewing money, but the features are very useful and if you take a little more money in your hand, but then the station wagon is wearing for many years, the benefit-cost calculation is open. With a minimum of care, the Stadler station wagon should last very long. The biggest challenge is probably that you don't grow out horizontally yourself. Maybe not an outfit for eternity, but at least a textile combination for a very long time.



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