People or fetish: This is about the preference for overweight people

The so -called, mostly male Fat Admirer or FA, for example, loves the sight of body fat.The less frequent female fat lovers are called Female Fat Admirer (FFA).Some FA or FFA are only on a small wamp.(Also exciting: fear of failure in bed: the stress if it does not get orgasm)

FAT-Admirer and Feeder: What does that mean?

The FAT Admirer belongs to the group of fetishists who do not necessarily live out their preference in real everyday life, but also be content with appropriate pornography and their imagination.Since the preference for fat people is still not accepted by everyone, many hide their enthusiasm for lush people.Even more: many swear stone and leg in society, to find thick terribly ugly and that only a well -trained body would come to bed.At Tinder, however, they are specifically looking for corpules.

If someone is not one of this preference, we speak of the closeeted Fat Admirer, the fat admirer who stuck in the closet and still has his coming out ahead of him.

Vorliebe oder Fetisch: Das hat es mit der Vorliebe für Übergewichtige auf sich

Then there would be the feeder.This is someone who excites it to feed his partner, yes, to fatten.The feeder not only finds it sharp to watch the other feast.Above all, the weight gain is a turn-on.

The so -called feeding can take extreme forms and - if desired by both - lead to the immobility of the fed.I probably don't have to mention that this is more than questionable in terms of health, but still do it because otherwise I have a guilty conscience.(Read here: 5 sex positions that have secretly hate many women)

Feeder and feedee: a special relationship

As part of a BDSM role-playing game, the game of the Force Feeding is also conceivable: the passive partner of the feeder becomes "forced" for the duration of the game session.That in mutual agreement and only using a Safe Words or agreed signals with which the session can be ended immediately.

Speaking of: the one that is fed is referred to as a feedee in the community.There are also FEEENEES that "feed" or increase in a targeted manner because it turns on the sight of their full -filling body.

I will tell you two more terms from this exciting parallel universe and what you should consider, if the fat fetish addresses you.

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