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Jerry Paper has announced a new album, Free Time. It's the follow-up to the 2020 long-player "Abracadabra", on whose artwork Paper laughed at us with snail-like stalked eyes. With "Kno Me" the first single from the upcoming LP has now been released, which is also accompanied by a music video.

A work that proves once again: Paper has a sense of humor and the strange. But where comedy is at home, tragedy is often not far away. The scenery is reminiscent of a western. In the best of moods and dressed in a kind of pink cowboy/cowgirl outfit, Paper has a saddled horse brought to a paddock so that he can ride off in a befitting manner. However, the sitting up may not quite succeed and, after numerous unsuccessful attempts, turns into a farce. And then there's a paparazza lurking around the corner, who brazenly begins to photograph the whole thing.

'Fuck you, you don't know me'

Which comes across as funny, but goes deeper than it first appears: “I wrote 'Kno Me' while thinking about what it means to be yourself knowing yourself and how this is misunderstood by the world,” says Paper. The source of inspiration was coming out as a non-binary person. "The images in the song are from the first day I decided to wear a dress outside while running errands. I kept repeating 'fuck you, you don't know me' in my head whenever I saw someone to center myself. I soon realized that most people didn't care or pay attention to me so it made me laugh and also made me feel really good and free!”

Jerry Paper - "Free Time" (Stones Throw)


1. "Kno Me"2. "Just Say Play" 3. “Second Skin”4. "Shaking Ass" 5. “Myopitopia”6. "Duumb"7. "Second place" 8. "Dreem Scenes"9. "Gracie III" 10. "Flower A Square"

Jerry Paper's new album "Free Time" will be released on April 15, 2022 via Stones Throw. You can watch the video for the single “Kno Me” here: