Fashion trend 2021: These H&M sandals look more expensive than they are!

Sandals are THE fashion trend for 2021. Because they are a real eye-catcher and can enhance the entire outfit. We found a model at H&M that looks a lot more expensive than it really is.

byTatjana Frank07/20/2021, 3:17 p.m.

We don't want to miss any of the important fashion trends for 2021 at the moment: Summer dresses that flatter the wearer, styling tips for white jeans or the perfect blazer that Duchess Kate wore are all on our list. Unfortunately, many trends are short-lived and expensive. And of course what we see in stars and royals often costs a lot of money. But why rely on the expensive variant when we can simply rely on similar, cheaper models? Here comes the new sandal trend from H&M that looks a lot more expensive than it really is!

Fashion trend 2021: These sandals from H&M look more expensive than they are!

Sandals have to be able to do two things: they have to feel comfortable and they have to be an eye-catcher. We spotted a special model at H&M that can do both! Its thick and molded sole makes it feel like walking on clouds. The sandals are kept very simple and made of imitation leather. The sole of the shoes is about 3.5 centimeters high - so women who are a little smaller can cheat a little bigger if they want to. The simple design of the sandals looks very classy and high-quality, so you could easily think that they cost more than 19.99 euros. We are totally blown away by the model! Convince yourself and shop them right here.

H&M sandals in black with a thick sole

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What can I wear the sandals with?

The sandals may be simple, but they really catch the eye. This means that you can always wear them if you want to give your look a little unobtrusive accent. It doesn't matter whether you're sporty or rather chic, the shoe goes with every style! Just see for yourself which of your looks the sandals go best with and create your own outfit with them. You won't want to take your shoes off anytime soon, I promise.

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