Fashion outfit 2022: With this rule, every look looks stylish immediately

Sometimes you just have to go fast. We don't always have hours to think about the perfect outfit. It's easy to have that panicked "I've got nothing to wear" moment or throw on something that won't exactly be known as the pinnacle of our modeling career. There is a simple trick that turns every look into a trendy outfit right away! Read here what you need to watch out for.

Sandwich styling: this is how every look succeeds

Do you like to eat sandwiches? You are probably familiar with how this is usually prepared: Two identical halves of bread hold the topping in the middle. What does food have to do with our outfit right now? Very easily! The trend rule for the perfect outfit works the same way: Two pieces of your look are repeated in style, material or color, while the middle piece in between is the eye-catcher.

1. Color sandwich method

If it has to be quick and you don't have much time to experiment with your outfit, the easiest way is the so-called color sandwich. Choose two pieces that are colour-coordinated. This ensures a harmonious look. It works best to reflect the color of the shoes in the look. It doesn't necessarily have to be a top if you don't have a matching color. A belt, glasses, a bag or a jacket can also repeat the color. This is a proven tactic for presenting an outfit in a classy and stylish manner, especially with eye-catching tones.

2. Style sandwich method

You can use the sandwich styling rule not only in terms of colour, but also in terms of style. For example, with the currently popular chunky trend: If you choose bulky shoes, you should repeat this style in your outfit, for example with an oversized jacket.

It also works the other way around: Combine two filigree pieces with a wide piece, such as a tight turtleneck shirt with sandals and casual wide-leg trousers. Always make sure to combine two to three pieces of the same style in the outfit, while the rest of the pieces are different.