ESC compact Ireland's contribution to the ESC 2022: "That's Rich" by Brooke

Ireland has made its choice. In the first public national preliminary decision since 2015, Brooke prevailed with the title "That's Rich". The verdict was narrow, but in the end the winner among the spectators was also the overall winner. By winning RTÉ's popular The Late Late Show, Brooke will now represent the island nation at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. We accompanied the national preliminary decision with a live blog.

With the victory, the international favorite of the preliminary decision has prevailed. The judges actually had the ballad "Ashes of Yesterday" at the top, but Brooke came out on top with both the international jury and the TV audience. There is definitely still work to be done on the show. But here is the most potential to have a chance in Turin to make it to the final.

Brooke- That's Rich

Brooke Scullion is a Derry singer who has built a fan base in Ireland and the UK through her participation in The Voice UK 2020. "That's Rich" is an energetic and upbeat song about never settling for someone who doesn't meet your needs.

ESC kompakt Irlands Beitrag für den ESC 2022: „That’s Rich“ von Brooke

There were a total of six contributions to choose from in the show. Three groups decided which song was allowed to represent the green island in Turin: the TV viewers, an international jury and a national jury. During the show, the judges' comments were very euphemistic. Really every song was praised over the green clover.

Ireland has opted for public selection of the contribution for the first time since 2015. From 2016, artists and contributions were selected internally. The country has only made it past the semi-finals once since 2014: in 2018 Ryan O'Shaughnessy was able to sing 16th place in the final with "Together".

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