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"The Voice of Germany": Are Sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding there?

"The Voice of Germany": Are Sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding there?

"The Voice of Germany", as well as the offshoots "The Voice Kids" and "The Voice Senior", have always had the absolute top stars in Germany as coaches: OB Nena, 61, Andreas Bourani, 37, or Michael PatrickKelly, 43, - to name just a few of the previous coaches - every year the casting show was able to trump anew with the best of the best.Does this also apply to the upcoming season?Supposedly, two German bangs for the SAT.1/ProSieben show as coaches are obliged: Sarah Connor, 41, and Johannes Oerding, 39.

Four of the previous "The Voice of Germany" coaches go

After it has just been reported that four of the past coaches leave the TV format-namely Stefanie Kloß, 36, Yvonne Catterfeld, 41, Samu Haber, 45, and Rea Garvey, 48,-there is already the first speculation about the new figureheadsthe show.Only Mark Forster, 38, and Nico Santos, 28, should stay.Now, according to "Bild", it is said to be that Sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding complete the coach round.

Are Sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding there?

Sarah is said to have been planned for "The Voice of Germany" for a long time, but the 41-year-old has had no time as one of the most successful singers in Germany because of her full schedule.Due to the unusual concerts in coronapandemic, Sarah has now taken the chance.It would not be your first experience in a casting show.From 2010 to 2012 she was a jury member of "X Factor".

Johannes Oerding was just seen as a host at "Sing my song - the exchange concert".The popular musician is increasingly taking the step into the TV landscape, but only wants to be there with selected music formats, as he himself emphasizes again and again.

Mark Forster, Nico Santos, Sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding would certainly take care of a powerful entertainment and top quotas.

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