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Tips for your WG casting: How to get a room in Erlangen

Tips for your WG casting: How to get a room in Erlangen

Have you already found your perfect flat share or are you still struggling through the castings?Admittedly-WG castings can be pretty tedious: show yourself from the best side, at the same time get to know the roommates and look at the apartment.With a few helpful tips for your WG casting you have a lot better chances of getting your dream room in Erlangen.

Before the casting

Before you have made your appointment for the casting, you first have to get through numerous ads.You can find general tips when looking for an apartment in Erlangen.Many shared apartments already write more about themselves in the ad and living together.Be sure to read the information well.Then you get an impression of whether the flat share suits you.

Creative self -description

If she appeals to you, contact her.Our tip: be a little more creative.Because right at the beginning of the semester, WGS often get an enormous number of inquiries.So take some time for your inquiry, best imagine there and write something about you as a person.

Tipps für dein WG-Casting: So bekommst du ein Zimmer in Erlangen

Good preparation

Especially when one casting chases the next, you should definitely read the description again shortly beforehand and check the address.Especially in our beautiful Erlangen, house entrances are happy to be hidden in the back yard.Find out early enough so that you won't be late in the casting.

Come alone!

Especially when it is your first apartment, the parents like to come along.But the start of studies is also the start of independence.Also avoid taking friends with them.Show that you have self -confidence - even if friends would give you security.The same applies to gifts - you are not at a birthday party and you don't want to crawl in your future roommate in your butt ...😉

Be honest

This also applies to the conversation.Even if it is difficult: try to be yourself.Do not adjust yourself and counter your future roommates with openness and friendliness.Do not apply too thick either by making promises: "If I pull in, then your beer supply is always secured" - in the worst case, you only put yourself under pressure if you should move in and that offers potential for conflict.

The perfect outfit

... is every outfit in which you feel comfortable.Because honestly: if you move in there, the shared apartment will see yourself in sleep or Sunday soundfit anyway.So worry less about it.

Don't let yourself be disturbed!

"How often do you clean?", "How much visit do you get?" Or "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" - Typical questions you can prepare for.Some shared apartments even make up a little game and ask you to make the washing up!If you don't feel like something like that, leave it.After all, not only do you have to fit into the shared apartment, but above all the flat share to you.

Sometimes it just doesn't fit, but then in our small big city there is certainly a great shared flat somewhere else!Do not let yourself get down if it doesn't work right away, the search for an apartment in Erlangen can sometimes be a real odyssey.But many do it and is completely normal!We wish you every success in your shared apartment.With these tips you are certainly well prepared!

By the way, do you already know our FAU Erlangen: Search/offer page on Facebook?WGS regularly put free rooms there.Have a look there too.😉