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Angelina Kirsch: 3 hairstyles for blonde hair |BUNTE.de

Angelina Kirsch: 3 hairstyles for blonde hair |BUNTE.de

With this hairstyle, your blonde comes into its own particularly well.The smooth look with a middle parting ensures extra gloss and radiance in the hair.Nice side effect: The Clean hairstyle really fits every outfit and you can combine accessories as desired - without being overloaded.How it works?Angelina does it: For a summer touch, she wears stylish sunglasses in her hair and combines striking earrings.

Angelina Kirsch: 3 Frisuren für blonde Haare | BUNTE.de

And so you stylish the look:

Attention: it gets hot!So that your hair is not damaged when drying, add a protective smoothing product in the towel -dry hair as preparation.Before you reach for the smooth iron, however, you should make sure that your hair is completely dry -framed.It is best to use the styling attachment of your hair dryer and drain dry for strands dry on a brush.With short hair - as with Angelina - a round brush is suitable, long hair is nice and smooth with a paddle brush.Tip: If you blow dry from top to bottom, your hair is better and you avoid frizz.Now it goes to the smoothing iron: Share your hair in advance in parts to make sure that you don't miss a strand.Pull a strict middle parting with the comb and fix the look with a little hairspray - done!

2.Look: Blond Bun