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Ana Ivanovic: "Bastian and I always try to find time for us"

Ana Ivanovic: "Bastian and I always try to find time for us"

She looks fantastic in her summer dress!Slightly browned, very relaxed, and thenAna Ivanovic, 33, also laughs happy when she appears for an interview shortly before the "Raffaelo Summer Dinner" in Berlin.It is just coming from Mallorca;Her husband, soccer world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger, 37, with whom she has been married since 2016, is missing that evening.For the former number one in the tennis world it is the first event in a long time-the greater the joy is, especially since the evening also takes place in favor of a children's charity.A topic that is very important to the mother of two sons (Luka, 3, and Leon, 1).Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic in the gala interview

Gala: Is that more work or fun for you tonight? Ana Ivanovic: It's a great pleasure for me because it is something completely different from what I do otherwise.I get a great make-up and my hair is styled and I wear a great dress, I don't have that so often.And it is also a great event.

How long does it take to finish?A whole day like Hollywood stars? So, the complete styling lasted about two hours today.I usually need five or ten minutes in the morning, and then I'm done.

You are the mother of two little sons, there is a lot of work.Do you also find time for yourself? At the beginning, when the two slept only a few hours at a time, it was exhausting, but then it got better and better.I was lucky enough to be able to make a career when I was young.Now I'm a working mum.Sometimes it is difficult to find a balance.But the children come first for me.My work is then a kind of me-time.

Ana Ivanovic + Bastian Schweinsteiger: "We love our Date Nights"

There is still enough time for your husband? Yes, of course!We always try to find time for ourselves, then we play tennis or golf together.And we love our date Nights.Just like we love to accept our boys wherever you can.

You and Bastian are considered an absolute dream couple.Do you have a recipe for your happiness? To be honest, we don't think so much about it.We try to concentrate on our family life and just follow our hearts.In the past we had our wonderful careers and great successes.Today we get a lot of new inspiration and set new goals, especially for our family.

That means a comeback on the tennis court is excluded?You are only 33.I am very grateful for my career.I have achieved a lot from what I had dreamed of once.But my focus is another today.I want to continue working, I also have a few companies.And I want to spend a lot of time with my children.

How would you react if your children later express the wish to become tennis or football players?The most important thing is that you will be happy - no matter what you choose once.Although my husband always says that they should play tennis.(laughs)

They share everything together

Do you also discuss in professional things with your husband?Oh yes, we share and discuss everything together, and it is important to both of us to support each other.

How good is your German now?My German is not that good yet, but I understand a lot.Of course I currently hear a lot of children's songs.And I have a few favorite expressions: "You have to share."Or:" This is dangerous."I often say these things.

"We no longer have a secret language"

And in which language they mostly talk? We speak German, English, Serbian and also a bit Spanish at home.I mostly speak Serbian and Basti German with the boys.Luka, the older of both, speaks all three languages almost fluently.His brother doesn't speak that much yet.

Meanwhile, Bastian masters Serbian?No, he only speaks a bit.But the much bigger problem is that Bastian and I have no language that the children do not understand.So we no longer have a secret language.(laughs)Gala

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