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Alvaro Soler: Again again?He says that about his relationship status

Alvaro Soler: Again again?He says that about his relationship status

In March 2021, Alvaro Soler, 30, announced that he and his girlfriend, the Spanish singer Sofia Ellar, 27, go separate paths from now on.At that time, the musician published a long statement on Instagram.In the podcast "Place to B", he now reveals that a separation for two people standing in public is not necessarily easy..

Alvaro Soler about his public separation

"Yes, that was of course very present in time, but somehow is part of it," explains the 30-year-old."Sometimes something happens and I think you have to communicate something like that too."Exactly this public communication of his separation, however, was" very strange "for him.He and Sofia made her love out public only months later."And then of course it's very exhausting and very bizarre to talk about it.How do you make the mail?Such small, logistical things.What do we do as text?That is not that cool, honestly."

Is Alvaro Soler awarded again?

Half a year has passed since then.When asked whether he is still single, Alvaro Sol does not really know the answer himself."Phew, no idea," he gives himself mysteriously."You know, I'm always in love," he explains laughing.

Even if he is still covered with his current relationship status, one seems to be committed to the 30-year-old.He wants to have children once, at least two or three, and like him, they should "definitely grow up bilingual".He thinks this is a good decision, even if it was not always easy for the Spaniard who commutes between Berlin and Barcelona."So, you have a lot more chaos in your head and there are probably things that are easier if you only have one language in your head at that moment.I could never really German and never really Spanish, "he jokes.

Used source: Podcast "Place to B" SPG Gala

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